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Ahh.. the joy of not doing anything. Just to watch the world slip and pass by. Everyday my brain is bombarded by hundreds of not-necessarily related information from HackerNews, Kompas, Detik and ChannelNewsAsia. So it’s very convenient to just consume the information without producing any output. Which means my brain will automatically discarded the information the next day. And yes, at the end of the week, I will vaguely remember what was happen in that particular week.

Then I read this article I found in HackerNews. Basically it encourages us to write every day. Yes, EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY! Not just every day, but also at least one thousand words.
By doing so, sooner or later you will hit your “masterpiece”. By masterpiece I mean a writing that is not crap 🙂 At least, your brain will mark the information you consumed as “important”. Trust me; you’ll remember more by writing what’s in your brain now.

Sow how to cultivate this habit? In short, they are:

  • Use activation energy: In short, if you reduce the amount of energy to do something, you’ll increase the likeliness of you actually doing that something. One example that Srinivas give is: writing one sentence before you go to bed, go to sleep and let your brain dwell on it. Then expand that one sentence into a complete writing the next day. (Frankly, I haven’t tried this. I have one worry that I might end up thinking too much, resulting in insomnia.)
  • Dealing with writer’s block: Srinivas suggests that the only way to beat this block is just to keep on writing whatever you have in your brain. (Ha, even writing this post I took more than three days. I simply surrender to my procrastinating urge. I need to have stronger will to overcome my procrastinate-self.)
  • The willingness to create crap: Just do it. Just write one thousand words every day. Some of it (well, in my case, most of it) will be crap. Just march on. Pretend that you are inside a dark tunnel. You already see that small dot of light at the end of the tunnel. Dance your finger away to get closer to the exit.

So there you are, I hope you get inspired as I am.
(PS: This post is not even hit 500 words, but I am already running out of words. It’s alright, I still have tomorrow to catch)

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