jQueryIt’s either I’m too dumb to understand it, or I simply underestimate it for being very easy. Yes, I am talking about jQuery’s methods in retrieving elements property/attribute.

Today was the nth time i was bitten by this error. Instead of using attr(), I used prop(). A few times I left scratching my head as my Ajax post message in Firebug’s Net Inspector shown with missing key.

So I write this post hoping that I can put rest this recurring mistakes for good (which almost immediately happened as I look at the problem deeper).

What is element’s property? What is an attribute? I found it quite difficult to answer if I based on jQuery’s documentation page on this subject. But when I look at Firebug, I immediately understand.


Just look at the DOM Inspector:


It’s crystal clear baby! It’s kinda embarrassing to have this simple fact overlooked! Oh, I just want to add that the reason why my Ajax backend-post missing key(s) is because prop() will return undefined if the property is not found. As for attr(), it will return empty text for missing attributes.

That’s all, cheers!

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