To compare the content of two folders in Windows you can use diff command.


Normally, to compare to files you use this command:

C:\Users\hardono>diff file1.txt file2.txt

To compare two folder, use the parameter -rq:

C:\Users\hardono>diff -rq T:\ C:\Projects\Java\TMS

Below is the result’s snippet:

Only in C:\Projects\Java\TMS: .git
Files T:\checkpassword.asp and C:\Projects\Java\TMS/checkpassword.asp differ
Files T:\contact/Thumbs.db and C:\Projects\Java\TMS/contact/Thumbs.db differ
Only in T:\: crystalreportviewers10
Only in C:\Projects\Java\TMS/etrack: _notes
Files T:\etrack/trucker_pictures/Thumbs.db and C:\Projects\Java\TMS/etrack/trucker_pictures/Thumbs.db differ
Only in C:\Projects\Java\TMS/etrack/trucker_pictures: _notes
Files T:\images/Thumbs.db and C:\Projects\Java\TMS/images/Thumbs.db differ
Only in T:\invoice: testing.asp
Only in C:\Projects\Java\TMS/jobsummary: _notes
Files T:\jobsummary/daily_cargo_report.asp and C:\Projects\Java\TMS/jobsummary/daily_cargo_report.asp differ
Only in C:\Projects\Java\TMS/misc: _notes
Only in T:\misc/songs: newyearsong-old.mp3
Only in C:\Projects\Java\TMS/misc_new: _notes
Only in T:\misc_new/songs: newyearsong-old.mp3

If you receive error like below, it means you haven’t install Git.

You can download Git for Windows from http://msysgit.github.io/

Once you’ve have installed it, don’t forget to add C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin or C:\Program Files\Git\bin (depending on the version you installed) to System’s Environment variable:


I hope it helps, cheers!

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