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amazing-spiderman-2Just come back from watching The Amazingly Stupid Spider-Man 2. I’m not saying Spider-Man is stupid; I just feel stupid for bringing my brain along to watch this movie.

There is just too many goofy moments that make the movie weak. For example, there’s one moment where Peter Parker swung then hit into the wall as he tried to catch Gwen to talk. Come on Spidey, this is your second movie. Shouldn’t you master that landing skill already?

Another goof is the usage of Internet inside a private jet. There was a scene where Peter’s father, Richard Parker was uploading his self-confession video. As far as I know, internet in private jet is only available in 2008. So that’s like 6 years ago. Considering that the average age of people graduated from high school is 17-19 years old, that makes Peter Parker was at least a 11 year old boy when his parents left him at Aunt May’s house. But the movie actually states that Peter was a 4 years old boy when his parents left him.

Oh, and how did Spider-Man defeated Electro? He defeated Electro using a law of physics that says battery will explode if it is overloaded. There was even a scene showing exploding batteries which is used to prove this law. Come on man! This Electro “battery” guy can literally disperse his physical body into electricity, use the power cable to travel, then rearrange himself somewhere else (provided it’s near a power plug) at will. Your normal battery can’t do that! Not even that mighty Energizer battery.

Now that we are talking about physics, do you know why an arrow has a metal arrowhead? Because F = m x a!. So I think Spider-Man’s web is a violation of Newton’s Law. Don’t you think so? Think about it. How can Spider-Man shot his web into buildings then use it to swing around New York’s skyscrapers unless his web has a heavy mass?

And one more thing, do you know what will happen if someone falling from high altitude, then Spidey shot his web trying to save that person, miraculously managed to stick the web to the stomach, then Spidey pulled his web? Broke back, my friend!

Hmm.. this is not the first time I disappointed with Spider-Man movie. I guess I should stick with Batman and Jack Sparrow.

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