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1. Practice your math for 10 seconds

Here’s a website where you can train or test your Math brain power. It’s a Math game which you can configure how difficult the game would be. The lifeline starts at 10 seconds, counting down. Every time you get a correct answer, extra seconds will be added to the clock. If you make error, a few seconds deducted from the clock. The game is over when the clock reaches 0.

2. Lockless Programming

Raymond Chen, the Chuck Norris of Microsoft, shares a number of links about Lockless Programming. In programming world, the subject of locks only surfaces once we talk about multi-threading/concurrency/parallel programming. The lock is there to guarantee that only one thread can enter the “Critical Section” of a program. In another word, lock is there to maintain the data integrity across multiple threads. So you’re saying we can achieve data integrity without locks? *third-world-kid-meme*

3. Harddisk Hacking

This hacker shows us how he hacked a hard-disk by flashing malicious code into the disk’s firmware. In the end, he can gain root access with arbitrary password. I’m not really into hardware, but I learned something. His persistence in continuously probing the disk until achieving his goal, it’s an inspiration to never give up.

4. Functional Programming, why you should master it

My progress with F# is like a boy waling behind his pretty crush. Too afraid to get closer, too afraid to look her straight in the eye, and too afraid to break the ice. It’s time to pickup where I left it behind.

5. Few considerations before quitting your day job for your start-up

Another article that could save you from making harsh decision. As we are all now, start-up life is not easy. You might strike a gold, or more likely, failed and buried in the trenches 🙂 Remember this few things before jumping the bandwagon:

  1. What problem are you trying to solve?
  2. Once you able to answer question 1, don’t procrastinate. Just do it
  3. Your chance of success is slim. FYI, 90% of tech startups failed!
  4. Start small, and slowly make progress

6. Color, Branding and Marketing

Gregory Ciotti pulling all the red-threads between color, brand, and conversion. My take out:

  1. Yellow projects optimism, clarity, and warmth.
  2. Orange translates as friendly, cheerful and confidence
  3. Red means excitement, youthful and bold
  4. Purple translates as creative, imaginative and wise
  5. Blue radiates trust, dependable and strength
  6. Green projects peaceful, growth and health
  7. Gray means balance, neutral and calm
  8. Conversion increased if you have the right contrasts

7. How to design HTTP API

For future consideration in case I need to open up HTTP API.

Enjoy your weekend, cheers!

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