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  1. Cultivate Lifelong Learning as a “Style of Thinking” That Concentrates on Fundamental Principles Rather Than on Facts
  2. Structure Your Learning to Ride the Information Tsunami Rather Than Drown in It
  3. Be Prepared to Compete and Interact with a Greater and More Rapidly Increasing Number of Scientists Than at Any Time in the Past
  4. Focus on the Future but Don’t Ignore the Past
  5. Look for the Personal Angle
  6. Learn from the Successes of Others
  7. Use Trial and Error to Find the Style of Learning That Suits You
  8. No Matter How Much Advice You Get and How Much Talent You Possess, It Is Still You Who Must Do the Learning and Put in the Time
  9. Have a Vision to Give You a General Direction
  10. Make Your Life Count: Struggle for Excellence


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