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Apparently today I had a training scheduled for me :D. Actually I’m already aware about the scheduled training. But with many projects running simultaneously, I simply forgot that today is the day.

The training is about communication in workplace. The reason my boss enrolled me to this training is because I requested for it. My last project was not really end well. It was completed, but with much heated arguments between myself and the user. The arguments were mostly about how after I spent so much effort completing a functionality, the user simply no longer wanted it. At the end, it made me question my ability to communicate/negotiate. Thus, I brought it up to my manager and requested for communication/negotiation training.

The trainer (or facilitator as he prefers to be called) is John Toh. He has been in the training industry/consultancy for more than 13 years. Beside communication, he also provide training on creativity and negotiation. He also doing consultancy on Human Resource strategy. Apart from that, he is also a reverend in a church somewhere in Little India.

So, the first day of the training was fun. On the first day we learn and discuss about the concept of communications, what internal and external factors that could hinder it, so on and so forth.

Things that I learned today:

  1. Communication is considered successful when the message received, and action was carried out according to the message
  2. We are all have biases and prejudices. These will affect on how we interpret a message
  3. We can improve our communication by having:
    1. Active listening: seek clarifications, maintain eye contact, taking a note (after asking for permission)
    2. Control tone of voice
    3. Positive body language: Open-hand gesture, body straight not slouched
    4. Positive language: encouraging words, no demeaning remarks

I guess that’s all for now. I’ll share another interesting things I found from this training in the next post.

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