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My car had a breakdown yesterday. My wife was driving the car alone when suddenly the engine lost its power. Luckily my wife was able to manoeuvre the car to the roadside. Safely parked the car, she then realized that she didn’t bring her phone.

After managed to borrow a phone from a female passerby, she called her own phone hoping that I will pick it up. Sadly, I was taking a nap at home and her phone was on silent mode. After calling more than four times, my wife gives up. Seeing this, the kind lady asked my wife where does my wife lives. Since our house is quite near, the kind lady offered my wife a ride home.

Reaching home, my wife woke me up then explain what has happened. It was late afternoon, so we thought that no workshops are still open except Shop&Drive. Since we didn’t know their contact number, my wife asked one of her friends who is a regular customer there. Too bad, my wife’s friend also didn’t know Shop&Drive’s phone.

So the three of us rode my motorbike going to the nearest Shop&Drive. After telling them the situation, the mechanic suggested that the car’s battery is flat and need replacement. At first we objected, because the battery’s age is just slightly over one year. Then the mechanic argued that we might be just unlucky, to have a battery with a short life. I guess we had no other choice but to replace the battery.

So the four of us rode motorbikes to the roadside where my wife parked the car. The mechanic brought with him a new battery. A million rupiah later, my car alive with the new battery.
Only then the mechanic told us that our car didn’t charge the battery properly. Ouch!

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