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One of my favorite band on planet earth, Muse, has just released their latest single in YouTube.

Within less than 24 hours, the video is already garnered almost 1 million views.

I found the music is very similar to Muse’s earlier works (Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry). It’s refreshing, considering their recent experiments with electronics and orchestra. As expected, the single resulted in polarized sides between fans of Muse’s older works, and fans of recent works. Just look at this video’s YouTube comments, people are calling each other idiots there 😀

Personally, I like it. Anything with good guitar riffs is acceptable in my ears.

One thing that I slightly regret is the usage of F-word. I can’t remember of Muse using F-word other than in “Panic Station”. It means this song will be excluded from my car’s playlist. Other thing that I found weird is the voice of the soldier, screaming to answer the Sergeant’s abusive words. Is that Dominic Howard’s voice? Only from his screaming-voice I almost can visualize how skinny he is 😀

What do you think of Muse’s latest single?

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