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I recently picked up and start reading this book from National Library.

As I read on, I start to wonder how much does it cost to do MBA program in Singapore. To answer this question, I quickly Googled where I can obtain MBA in Singapore. As I visiting the links I found in the first two pages of search result, I record down the tuition fee required. From the data I gathered, the most expensive MBA program is from INSEAD. It’s a freaking 65,800.00 EURO!!! That’s like SGD$ 95K. And the cheapest MBA is from University of Bedfordshire (course is conducted by Kaplan) at SGD$ 19K. Heaven and earth indeed 😀 Below is the complete data that I gathered:

So there you go. I hope this brief data can help you to plan your budget if you’re thinking of getting an MBA in Singapore. Remember this is just the Course Fee, the living cost in Singapore will contribute significantly to the overall cost of getting this MBA. So plan carefully and wisely.

PS: I can only guarantee the data validity by the time of this post published. Just assume that the tuition fee will always increase.

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