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Google ChromeWhenever I tinkered with this blog, I always view the result through Google Chrome’s Developer Tools Console to see any errors. Today I realized I found one error.

And this is the offending line (prettified into multiple lines):


Problem is, the url is invalid. If we open the url //, Google will serve an error page.

My first reaction to this was view my WordPress theme’s source code. Nothing. The next suspect would be my WordPress plugins. I used Notepad++ to help me scouring my WordPress local copy.

It found nothing. If it’s not my theme, or my plugins, then I should be WordPress itself that added the offending line. To prove it, I searched it in my website’s root directory.

grep --include=\*.php -rnw . -e "open-sans-css"

Still found nothing. Then out of curiosity, I viewed the source code in Firefox. Surprise! The offending line is not there! It was Google Chrome itself who added the offending line. FYI, I’m using the latest Chrome version.

Now that we know the culprit, the next question is why. Why would Chrome added this line? I kinda think that Google wants to add a standardized web-font, making sure that any website that use open-sans font will have the same look in all Chrome browser.

What do you think?

PS: I’ve reported this issue to Google.

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