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Today, I decided to test an old in-ear headphones that has been gathering dust in my table to see if it’s still working. Unfortunately, I found that left speaker is not as loud as the right speaker. Using it to listen any music will give me a disorienting effect. I was half-way from throwing this headphones into the rubbish bin. Suddenly, I remember that we can actually adjust the volume balance in Windows.

Here’s how I did it in my Windows 10 Professional:

  • STEP 1: Right click on the Volume Icon in the System Tray. It will pop up something like below, then click Sounds

    But if you you have something like below, click “Open Sound Settings”. A new page will open, on the right side of that page, click “Sound Control Panel”. Skip step 2, go straight to step 3.

  • STEP 2: A new window will pop up like below


  • STEP 3:Click Playback tab.


    Once above window show up, select the active device, then click Properties.

  • STEP 4:Now the Speaker’s window will pop like below.


    Click the Levels tab.

  • STEP 5:In the Levels tab, click the Balance button, as shown below.


  • STEP 6:Now the Balance window will pop up.
    With this we can now adjust the balance between left and right speaker. The best way to adjust is while listening to music. This way we know immediately the best balance setting for the headphones.

** Update 20 July 2020

Based on Melanie’s suggestion:

  • FIRST: Right-click Volume Icon in the System Tray. Click Volume Mixer.
  • THEN: Click the speaker
  • Now you’re at Step 4 of the original steps

That’s all. I hope it helps.

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  1. Thanks, mate. My right channel is so quiet, that I need to use this.

  2. This was extremely helpful and now I can adjust my earphones to match my slight hearing loss in one ear. BUT>>>> After setting the balance and listening to a few songs, later in the day the darn computer resets to equal balance again! I only put the computer to sleep, I don’t turn it off yet it will not keep my settings! Why is this and what can I do to tell the computer to NOT do what it wants? Thanks. – Dave