Found via HN, rephrased for future reminder:

  1. Do not repeat yourself, always refactor/reuse, avoid copy-paste
  2. Name your variables for what they are for, not its type of data
  3. Name your methods for what they are going to do
  4. Don’t use magic number or string literals, use constants or readonly variables
  5. Strive to make your method testable (unit test, dependency injection, mock object)
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  7. See a bug? Fix it while you’re there, then move on
  8. Share your knowledge, it will help the point no. 6
  9. Don’t interrupt colleagues who are ‘in the flow’, related to point no. 6
  10. Take criticism with open-mind, defensive stance might turn this into religious-wars

Original source: 10 golden rules for becoming a better programmer

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