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My team have rolled out our Android application (more about this in future post) for the drivers to do the electronic POD (Proof of Delivery). It’s been two weeks of smooth sailing with minor issues, until today. Today we received complain from one of the Traffic Controller (the guy who assigns jobs to the driver) saying that the map showing the address incorrectly. The address, 11 Paya Lebar Road is shown in the middle of PIE.

In comparison, we tried to search on and The “Right Here” vs the G (Google’s result) The checkered circle vs Google’s Result

Well this is unexpected. I would expect that a tech giant like Google would point a location in Singapore correctly. After all, Singapore is the most connected country in the world. But in this case Google actually missed by … Hold on.. let me Google that for you …

It missed by 900 meters. I do hope Google will quickly look into this. We don’t want to rewrite our mobile apps using other mapping API. 🙁

PS: If you are in Singapore, you will find this mistake on Uber or Grab (they are using Google Maps in their mobile Apps) by entering 11 Paya Lebar Road as your destination.

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