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Today I encountered a strange problem when debugging our company’s Ionic Android web app. Inside chrome://inspect tab, I clicked the inspect link for the app.

The pop-up window was totally blank. Puzzled, I clicked the blank window and press Ctrl+Shift+I to inspect the blank Inspect window (Inspect-ception, if I may 😀 ). And voila, the errors revealed:

inspector.js:8635 Uncaught TypeError: InspectorFrontendHost.setOpenNewWindowForPopups is not a function at Main.BackendSettingsSync._updateAutoAttach (inspector.js:8635)
at new Main.BackendSettingsSync (inspector.js:8633)
at Main.Main._createAppUI (inspector.js:8577)
at Main.Main._gotPreferences (inspector.js:8567)
at DevToolsAPIImpl.embedderMessageAck (devtools_compatibility.js:33)
at <anonymous>:1:13

When I googled the error message, the first result was this forum post which was posted 5 days ago (8th March 2018). Skimming through the comments, it seems the problem will be fixed by updating Chrome. True enough, when I go to Help -> About Chrome menu, it asking me to update.

After the download completed, click the RELAUNCH button to restart Chrome.


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  1. Nice one mate. You’ve saved me a major head scratching session!