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Since my last post, I’ve been adding new features to JSON Table Editor. Here are the enhancements:

  1. Button labels and tool-tips.
    As I carefully observe the page, I asked myself whether the user interface is intuitive enough. From there, I changed some of the button labels with a clearer text. I also added additional information whenever user hover above certain controls. Hopefully this will make the UI less confusing.

    On the sub-level, the “Output to JSON” button is changed to “Finish Editing”.

  2. Instantly load remote JSON/CSV file.
    Not sure why I never think of this feature before. Now we can make the editor to automatically load a remote JSON/CSV file by passing parameters.

  3. URL Shortener.
    The URL described in point no. 2 will be very long. Sharing this long URL is definitely look ugly. Thus, I added option to shorten the URL whenever a remote JSON/CSV fis is successfully loaded.

  4. Upload to Paste Sites
    A long time ago, a user complained why he can’t save the JSON output to other online storage like Google Docs/Spreadsheet. Since I don’t think a JSON file will fit nicely to a Google Spreadsheet, I decided to look other alternatives on storing text online. After short research, I picked Hastebin, Pastebin and DPaste as the upload destination. Purely due to the easiness to use their API.

That’s all guys. Looking forward to your feature request, bug reports! Cheers!

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