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As I completed my last enhancement to JSON Table Editor, I was asking to myself what data that would be cool and hopefully useful to share with others. Then I remember the time when I was choosing which SingTel mobile plan to subscribe. Thanks to my work place, I am entitled to SingTel Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) which is cheaper than the normal plans. Long story short, it’s quite tedious to login into CIS page and the session somehow expired faster than expected. I had hard time deciding and remembering which plan is which and how much it will cost.

So I collated the data from SingTel website and put it under JSON Table editor below. I hope it helps you one way or another.

DISCLAIMER: The data is valid as of 17 Aug 2019. The monthly fees listed below is the minimum amount, you will very likely to pay more.


  • Period refers to contract period in months
  • Data refers to mobile data package in GB
  • Fee refers to monthly fee, in SGD
  • WiFi refers to SingTel WiFi
  • Unlimited any unlimited in SingTel website is actually translates to 10000. E.g. Unlimited Talktime means 10000 minutes Talktime

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