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On previous enhancement, I made the sharing easy by using URL shortener. But what if you want to embed the table in your website? That was the main motivation on this enhancement exercise.

Embed the Grid

To embed the grid, you need to:

  1. Use remote JSON data source.
  2. Arrange the column width, if required
  3. Click “Embed” button
  4. Enter the Grid’s title
  5. Click “OK” then you’ll get the HTML in the Output panel. You can then paste the HTML in your own website. You can see the sample at the end of this post.

Auto Resize the Column Width

The columns is now auto-resized based on the first row. I didn’t make it auto-resized based on all rows, because it will get expensive.

That’s all folks. I hope it helps.

Update 19 Aug 2019: It turns out that using shortened-URL as iframe’s src will make the iframe’s content not shown on mobile device. The iframe’s src now is using the long and ugly url.

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