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Update on the Wuhan coronavirus

Three more confirmed cases
As of 29 January 2020, 2pm, MOH has confirmed three more cases of Wuhan coronavirus infection.
Seven confirmed cases were earlier announced.

All 10 cases are Chinese nationals who travelled from Hubei. There is currently no evidence of community spread in Singapore.
Contact tracing for all confirmed cases are ongoing.

All 10 confirmed cases are stable, and most are improving.

Stay updated at:
🔘 (MOH website)
🔘 (Timeline of confirmed cases)

So far the virus is only infected Chinese nationals who travelled from Hubei. No Human to Human (H2H) virus transmission case occurred in Singapore. So there is no reason for us to be panic. But we need to remain vigilant in maintaining our hygiene. Wash your hand before meal, avoid involuntary hand movements around facial orifices and increase awareness on your surroundings.

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