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Today was quite a day. A number of public broadcasts were sent.

The first one:

[Sent by – 31 Jan]

Update on the Wuhan coronavirus

False rumours on masks availability
The States Times Review Facebook page said that Senior Minister of State Dr Lam Pin Min had confirmed that Singapore had run out of face masks.

This is false. Dr Lam had stated clearly that there was sufficient supply of masks if people use them responsibly.

False rumours on local transmission
On 30 Jan 2020, an article on ‘City News’ claimed that five Singaporeans had contracted the virus without going to China. This is also false.

As of 9pm on 30 Jan 2020, there has been no community spread of the Wuhan virus in Singapore. All confirmed cases so far in Singapore are Chinese nationals from Hubei.

Do verify information before sharing and stay updated by referring to official sources at:

🔘 (MOH website)
🔘 (Clarifications on misinformation regarding the virus)

I do notice that surgical mask with highly inflated price starts popping up in online marketplaces.

The second one:

[Sent by – 31 Jan]

Stay informed on the Wuhan coronavirus

😊 If you are well, there is no need to wear a mask.

🤒 If you are unwell with respiratory symptoms, wear a surgical mask. Do remember to :

1. Wear the mask properly to prevent the spread of infection to others through droplets when you cough or sneeze. 🤧

2. Remove a used mask by holding only its ear loops.

3. Dispose the soiled mask properly into a bin.

Finally, wash your hands with soap and water 🙌🏽

From tomorrow, every household will receive a pack of 4 surgical masks at Community Centres and Residents’ Committee Centres.

For collection details, check your community noticeboards, digital display panels and Government’s social media platforms.

PM Lee Hsien Loong:
“The Government is working hard to protect us all from the virus as much as possible. But we cannot do it alone.”

🔘 (MOH website)
🔘 ( video on mask usage)
🔘 (PM’s FB post)

Government stepped in to provide surgical masks for every household. Excellent!

The third one:

[Sent by – 31 Jan]

New measures on Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

Travel restrictions to reduce the risk of community spread
✳ All visitors (regardless of nationality) who travelled to Mainland China in the last 14 days will not be allowed entry into, or transit through Singapore.

✳ A visa suspension for PRC passport holders, effective immediately. Previously issued visas will be suspended.

✳ Returning Singapore Citizens, PRs and long-term visa holders will be placed under a 14-day Leave of Absence.

For more information:
🔘 (MOH website)
🔘 (

With more and more cases detected in Singapore, this step will help Government to focus the efforts to contain internally and reducing the chance of new cases coming into Singapore.

The last one:

[Sent by – 31 Jan]

Wuhan coronavirus: Update on cases
[As of 31 Jan 2020, 2pm]

Confirmed cases: 16
Suspect cases tested negative: 198
Pending results: 35

As of 31 January 2020, MOH confirmed 3 additional imported cases of Wuhan coronavirus infection in Singapore. 13 confirmed cases were earlier announced by MOH. All 16 confirmed cases have recent travel history to Wuhan.

The 14th case is a 31 year-old male Chinese national who is a Singapore Work Pass holder, and arrived from Wuhan on 26 Jan. The 15th case is a 47-year-old Singaporean female, who was one of the Singaporeans evacuated from Wuhan on 30 Jan. The 16th case is a 38 year-old male Chinese national who arrived in Singapore from Wuhan on 22 Jan.

There is currently no evidence of community spread in Singapore.

All the cases are in stable condition. None of the previously announced cases are critically ill and most are improving.

Contact tracing for all confirmed cases is ongoing.

Stay updated:

Stay hygiene and safe everyone!

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