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Recently I was editing my Complete Singapore-Indonesia Ferry Schedule JSON data when I encountered a bug. I was editing an array of objects which is the property value of the parent JSON object. In JSON Table Editor terms, this means I am operating on a child window. Tired of scrolling ups and downs, I filtered the rows. I then edit some of the rows, then confirmed my changes.

But when I clicked , only the filtered rows were saved to main object, which is wrong. Rightfully, all rows should be saved to the main JSON object.

After few rounds of trial and error trying to solve this bug, this is my final solution:

// checkedOpener = true if it's a child window
// grid = Ext.grid.Panel instance

if (checkedOpener && grid.filters.getFilterData().length>0) {
    // innerOutput = function to either output the grid's data into 
    // JSON output or updating parent JSON field value
    grid.on('filterchange', innerOutput);

That’s all folks. Cheers!

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