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This post is my summary of a talk taken from NDC 2020 London titled “Lowering in C#: What’s really going on in your code?” by David Wengier. Full YouTube video is embedded at the bottom of this post.

So, what is “lowering” ?

After finished watching the video, I think I have different opinion. I propose a new definition, and you can quote me on this 😛

“Lowering” is the art of sacrificing code readability
for the sake of squeezing out tiny performance improvement.

Or in the more specific C# context:

“Lowering” is the art of programming like it was in
Visual Studio Professional 2008 using Visual Studio Professional 2019 😀

In more serious note. The video is very good source of information to know, that some modern C# language advancement is actually a “wrapper” to encapsulate a complex/tedious steps, and make it easier to use in lesser lines of code.

Full video below:

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