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Updates on what should be done to handle 2019-nCoV:

[Sent by – 4 Feb]

For nCoV preparedness

If there’s community spread in more Chinese cities and other countries
– Health screenings at all checkpoints
– Place high-risk travellers into quarantine
– Restrict recent travellers from China

If there’s local community spread
– Healthcare providers on alert to identify and deal with cases
– Immediate contact-tracing
– Quarantine orders and Leave of Absence in place

If the virus mutates and spreads more widely
– More isolation beds
– Faster testing to confirm suspect cases
– Consider further measures to reduce human-to-human interactions

Exercise personal responsibility
– Have good personal hygiene. Wash your hands regularly and properly using soap and water. Wear a mask if you are ill and promptly see a doctor
– Observe Leave of Absence if you recently travelled to China
Don’t spread fake news that can cause panic and fear

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Update on current number of cases:

[Sent by – 4 Feb]

Update on 2019-nCoV cases
As of 2pm on 4 Feb, there are 6 new confirmed cases. These include 3 local transmission cases that can be traced to prolonged contact with recent travellers from Mainland China.

Confirmed cases: 24
Recovered: 1

Case 19: 28 year old female Singapore resident, works at a complementary health products shop that primarily serves Chinese tourists

Case 20: 48 year old female Singapore resident, works at the same shop

Case 21: 44 year old female Indonesian national, foreign domestic worker of Case 19

Cases 22 and 23: Singaporeans evacuated from Wuhan on 30 Jan

Case 24: 32 year old female Singapore resident, tourist guide who brought tour groups to Case 19’s shop

Though 4 of these cases constitute a local transmission cluster, there is as yet no evidence of widespread sustained community transmission in Singapore.

For more info: (MOH website) ( article)

Stay vigilant and safe everyone! We’re all have parts to do against 2019-nCoV!

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