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Guides on what to do if exposed to possible infection case

[Sent by – 6 Feb]

Steps to clean and disinfect homes possibly exposed to nCoV

Wear a surgical mask 😷and gloves. Don’t touch your face. Open the windows.

For surfaces
Prepare disinfectant/bleach solution to mop floor from one end of the home to another. Soak cloths with disinfectant/bleach solution. Wipe all frequently touched areas and toilet surfaces.

For fabrics
Machine wash bedding and other fabrics with detergent. For the full instructions, see the NEA guidelines at

Finishing up
Mop once more. Throw all cloths used in a double-lined trash bag🗑Remove gloves, then wash your hands with soap and water. Remove mask, then wash your hands with soap and water.

Throw gloves and masks into a double-lined trash bag. Separate clean-up waste from other household waste. Shower🚿, change your clothes, and air your home.

NEA video:

Update on DORSCON

[Sent by – 6 Feb]

S’pore is currently at DORSCON Yellow.

What does DORSCON mean?

DORSCON = Disease Outbreak Response System Condition

It shows the current disease situation in S’pore.

For all levels, be socially responsible, maintain good hygiene, follow health advisories

🟢 Green
– Disease is mild
– OR severe but does not spread easily
– Minimal disruption to daily life

🟡 Yellow
– Disease is severe and spreads easily but outside of S’pore
– OR spreading in S’pore but typically mild or contained
– Additional measures for some sectors, but minimal disruption

🟠 Orange
– Disease is severe and spreads easily but has not spread widely in S’pore
– Moderate disruptions to daily life
Additionally, comply with control measures

– Disease is severe and spreading widely
– Major disruptions to daily life
Comply with control measures and avoid crowded areas

Keep updated on S’pore’s DORSCON status

Update on number of positive cases:

[Sent by – 6 Feb]

Update on 2019-nCoV situation

As of 2pm on 6 Feb, there are 2 new confirmed cases.

Confirmed: 30
Cases tested negative: 310
Pending results: 147
Discharged: 1

Of these, one is a 41 yo S’pore citizen who has no recent travel history to mainland China, and does not appear to be linked with previous cases. The other is a close contact of a previously confirmed case. Contact tracing is in progress

All new cases today are stable. Most of the earlier confirmed cases are stable or improving. Conditions of 2 cases have worsened – 1 is now in critical condition in ICU, another requires additional oxygen support

Govt agencies are ready to ramp up measures further if needed based on findings from ongoing investigations


What can you do
– Wash your hands frequently with soap
– Avoid touching your face
– Cover your mouth with a tissue paper when coughing/sneezing
– See a doctor if you are feeling unwell and stay at home


Stay safe and be more vigilant with hygiene everyone!

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