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Clarification regarding LoA (Leave of Absence)

Update on Leave of Absence (LOA) measures

✔ It is now mandatory for all workers returning from Mainland China to be placed on a 14 day LOA

✔ All employers to report to MOM when their workers are returning, so that their return can be staggered

✔ For those with difficulties finding accommodation for their workers to serve their LOA, the Govt will work with them to provide dorm facilities 🏠

✔ $100 a day will be provided to support the employers with workers on LOA, and MOM will waive the foreign worker levy for LOA period

Get updates on the virus situation here:

Update on Fake News regarding the death of nCoV patient:

[Sent by – 7 Feb]

False rumours on the 2019-nCoV situation

There has been a message circulating of a death in Singapore due to the nCoV virus.
This is false. MOH has confirmed that there are currently no deaths due to the virus.

MOH has been providing updates on the cases to the public.
We urge everyone not to spread unverified information.

Please refer to for latest updates.


[Sent by – 7 Feb]

S’pore has raised alert to DORSCON Orange
For more:

Additional precautionary measures:

Advice to cancel/defer large scale non-essential events
If proceeding:
– Carry out temperature screening
– Deny entry for those with respiratory symptoms
– Have travel declaration and participant list if possible
– Venues to have ventilation and handwashing facilities
– Increased cleaning

At the work place
– Twice-daily temperature taking and checks for respiratory symptoms
– Those with fever to see a doctor promptly
– Business continuity plans may include telecommuting or segregating workforce into teams

For vulnerable groups
– Hospitals to implement temperature screening; separate care for pneumonia patients
– Schools to suspend inter-school and external activities
– Preschools and eldercare services to limit visitors

As of 2pm on 7 Feb, MOH confirmed 3 new cases with no links to previous cases or travel history to China:

Due to three cases with unknown origin, we must be even more extra vigilant. Remember the infection is through droplets and surface, so frequently wash your hand using anti-bacterial soap. And keep your hands away from your face!

What to do during DORSCON ORANGE:

[Sent by – 7 Feb]

DORSCON Orange | What should you do

In light of DORSCON Orange, the Government has introduced additional precautionary measures.

These measures will only be effective if every individual plays their part.

[Recap] How nCoV is transmitted:
💦 Contact with droplets from infected individuals
🚪Contact with contaminated surfaces

Most effective method to prevent transmission:
👍 Practise good personal hygiene
👐🧼 Wash your hands regularly with soap and water
🧴 Use hand sanitisers if above is unavailable
🙅‍♀ Avoid touching your face
👋 Avoid shaking hands, use alternative greetings

Be socially responsible:
🛌 Stay at home if you are sick
😷 Wear a mask if you are going out to see a doctor
😌 Stay calm, be vigilant and keep up with official updates at

Stay safe everyone!

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