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Update on enhanced measures on schools:

[Sent by – 8 Feb]

Enhanced Precautionary Measures in Schools

MOE earlier introduced precautionary measures to minimise congregation of students in large numbers:
🏕 Suspension of large group activities, such as assemblies, camps, mass celebrations
🍽 Staggered recess times
🎾 Smaller groups for school-based CCAs and after-school programmes

🟠 Enhanced measures by MOE
❌ Suspension of all external school activities and inter-school activities until end of March school holidays
👩‍🏫 Roll out of educational package to teach students about virus transmission and what they can do to prevent it

Fake news on school closures
A fake screenshot of a CNA tweet was circulated widely on social media saying that all schools, including polytechnics and universities, are to close next Monday
🙅‍♀ This is not true 🙅‍♂

For more:

Another reminder on do and don’ts during Orange DORSCON:

[Sent by – 8 Feb]

Let’s be Calm & Considerate. We can get through this together

🟠 What is DORSCON orange?
– It means that more measures are introduced to minimise the risk of further spread.
– These measures will mainly impact large-scale events, the workplace, and vulnerable groups like children or the elderly.

🤔 What should I do?
– Good personal hygiene is still the best method to keep the virus away.
– Wash your hands with soap and water, avoid touching your face.
– Take temperature twice daily🌡and look out for fever and respiratory symptoms (e.g. cough, runny nose).
– If you are unwell, wear a mask, avoid crowds and see a doctor promptly👨‍⚕

🛒 There is no need to rush and stock up on food

– There are sufficient supplies of food, and supermarkets have been restocking their shelves.
– Hoarding will only cause anxiety and deprive others who really need these things.
– Let’s do the right thing and not buy more than we need to.

Why you don’t need to stockpile food:

Another do and don’ts reminder:

[Sent by – 8 Feb]

Stay united and calm, take precautions and carry on
Full details:

With DORSCON Orange, we have enhanced measures to protect S’poreans.

Singapore is better prepared today from our SARS experience. We have adequate mask supplies and Personal Protective Equipment, better medical capabilities and trained healthcare workers.

Experts say the new virus is more infectious than SARS but much less dangerous.

The situation is evolving and the Government will respond promptly and dynamically.

Let’s do our part by:
💧 Washing hands often with soap
🙆‍♂Avoid touching eyes or face
🌡 Taking your temperature twice-daily
👩‍⚕ Visiting a doctor if unwell, and avoiding crowded places

Fear can do more harm than nCoV. Please avoid:
❌ Spreading rumours online
❌ Panic buying food or masks
❌ Blaming others for the outbreak

❤Let’s stay calm and help one another. Show support for our healthcare workers, volunteers and those maintaining services to keep Singapore running.

Update on number of positive cases:

[Sent by – 8 Feb]

Update on 2019-nCoV cases

As of 12pm on 8 Feb, there are 7 new confirmed cases. 5 of these are linked to previous cases.

MOH has uncovered links between previously announced and new cases.

Confirmed: 40
Tested negative: 438
Pending results: 181
Discharged: 2

Most are stable/improving. 4 are in ICU, 1 requires additional oxygen support.

Case 34: Local female 40, works at the health product shop

Case 35: Local male, 64, taxi driver

Case 36: Female Singapore PR, 38, attended the Grand Hyatt business meeting

Cases 37: Local male, 53, private hire car driver

Case 38: Local female, 52, visited The Life Church and Missions Singapore, linked to 5 earlier cases

Case 39: Local male, 51, attended the Grand Hyatt business meeting

Case 40: Local male, 36, works at same shop as Case 34

S’pore will likely see more cases that will need investigation as medical practitioners are on the lookout for suspect cases.


Stay safe everyone!

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