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Update on possible scams during this crisis:

[Sent by – 9 Feb]

Beware of scam callers asking for financial details, and claiming to be from the Ministry of Health conducting contact tracing.

How do you know if MOH is really calling you?
MOH will not ask for your financial details when conducting contact tracing.

📞 If you wish to verify the authenticity of a call about contact tracing, use the MOH General hotline at 6325 9220, or

🖥 Refer to official sources for information, such as (MOH website) and ( website)

SMH… I hope these scammers receive cruel retribution for such a cruel action during this crisis.

Update on measures to protect the vulnerable groups:

[Sent by – 9 Feb]

Further safeguards for vulnerable groups

🏫 Preschools & facilities providing care and social services will:
– Restrict casual visitors
– Limit movement of staff across different facilities

In addition, facilities providing care and social services will:
– Allow max 2 designated caregivers/visitors per enrolled client/resident
– Increase temperature screening to twice daily

If you wish to use MSF frontline services (e.g. submitting Baby Bonus forms) use online services, or email/post instead, to avoid crowds 💻📧

More on:
Raised protection of vulnerable groups

MSF advisories:

Update on enhanced measures for public transportation:

[Sent by – 9 Feb]

Enhanced transport measures

How are public transport facilities being kept clean? 🚌🚆
All transport operators have stepped up measures to ensure good public hygiene for Singaporeans:
✔ More cleaning and disinfecting of facilities, especially high-contact points like seats and handrails
✔ Staff have started taking temperature regularly and practise good personal hygiene

Is it safe to take public transport?
Yes. The risk of nCoV infection from transient contact, such as on public transport or public places, is low.

Is it safe to take taxis or private-hire cars?
Yes, they have been:
✔ Ramping up cleaning efforts
✔ Winding down windows for ventilation after trips

How can I play a part?
🧼Wash hands often with soap
🙆‍♂Avoid touching face
😷 Wear a mask if sick or recovering from illness
🤧 Cover your mouth with tissue paper when sneezing or coughing. Dispose used tissue paper immediately

For more information:

Update on number of positive cases:

[Sent by – 9 Feb]

Update on 2019-nCoV cases

MOH has confirmed 3 new cases as of 12pm on 9 Feb. The cases have no recent travel history to China.
4 confirmed cases have been discharged from hospital today.

Confirmed: 43
Tested negative: 516
Pending results: 98
Discharged: 6

Most of remaining 37 are stable or improving. 6 are in critical condition in ICU.

Case 41: Male S’porean, 71, visited Paya Lebar Methodist Church and a gathering at Braddell Heights residents’ Committee

Case 42: Male Bangladesh national, 39, visited Mustafa Centre prior to admission, stays at a dormitory in Kaki Bukit Road

Case 43: Male S’porean, 54, stayed at home prior to hospital admission, except for trips to seek treatment

Medical practitioners are on the lookout for suspect cases, so S’pore will likely see more cases that will need to be investigated.

For more:

Leave of Absence
MOM has revoked 4 work passes for breaches of LOA, and suspended privileges of 6 employers

Stay safe everyone!

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