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Update on cleaning of public places:

[Sent by – 10 Feb]

In light of the 2019-nCoV outbreak, cleaning efforts are being ramped up in our public spaces:

🏘 Estates
Increased cleaning and disinfecting, esp for touchpoints like lift buttons, railings, table tops and seats found in common areas.

🚌 Public transport
Trains and buses will be disinfected more regularly, esp for touchpoints like grab poles, overhead handles, seats and windows. Surfaces at MRT and LRT stations, and bus interchanges will be cleaned and disinfected.

🍲 Markets and hawker centres
Stallholders are being engaged on public hygiene and cleanliness. This includes proper handwashing, monitoring their temperature, disposing refuse properly and separating raw and cooked food.

🍽 Food establishments
Operators are advised to practice good housekeeping, such as storing goods above floor level to facilitate cleaning, ensuring bins are covered at all times, and to wash and disinfect all bins daily.


Update on additional measures for workplaces:

[Sent by – 10 Feb]

2019-nCoV: Further measures for workplaces

Stepping up Business Continuity Plans (BCP):
👨‍💻 Consider split team arrangements
🏠 Allow backend staff to work from home where possible
🌡 Temperature screening of staff and visitors

For large-scale events:
❌ Employers are advised to defer or cancel non-essential events.

📝 If proceeding, additional precautions should be taken, like temperature screening and denying entry to
– unwell individuals
– those with travel history to China
– those on a Leave of Absence (LOA)

For those on LOA:
🏠 Employers may allow them to work from home, where possible.
✅ If not possible, employers should provide additional paid leave, or other mutually-agreed arrangements.

For those on Home Quarantine Order:
✅ Deemed to be on paid hospitalisation leave for the duration of the Order

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Update on additional measures for taxis and private hire cars:

[Sent by – 10 Feb]

2019-nCoV [DORSCON Orange] Enhanced measures for Taxi and Private Hire Car passengers and drivers 🚕🚙

Temperature screening 🌡
– All taxi and private hire car (PHC) drivers advised to check their temperatures at least twice daily
– Those unwell should see a doctor immediately
– Drivers who don’t have a fever will receive a sticker indicating they’ve been checked
– PHC operators will require drivers to take + submit temperature via mobile apps
– LTA and driver associations will work with taxi/PHC operators to progressively set up temp-taking stations for all taxi/PHC drivers

Masks 😷
– Passengers to be socially responsible and wear masks if unwell, before boarding taxis/ PHCs
– Drivers to offer mask, if available, to unwell passengers without a mask, riding to seek medical attention
– Govt to contribute 300,000 masks for operators to distribute to active drivers

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Update on number of positive cases:

[Sent by – 10 Feb]

Update on 2019-nCoV cases

MOH has confirmed 2 new cases as of 12pm on 10 Feb. One was on the evacuation flight from Wuhan.
1 more confirmed case has been discharged from hospital today.

Confirmed: 45
Tested negative: 581
Pending results: 39
Discharged: 7
Most of remaining 38 are stable or improving. 7 are in critical condition in ICU.

Case 44: Male S’porean, 37, no recent travel history to China, worked at Certis Cisco Centre, was on duty at Chingay 2020, stays at Sembawang Drive

Case 45: Female S’porean, 2, evacuated from Wuhan on 30 Jan

No evidence of transmission through aerosol
Based on evidence available in China, an expert from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has said that there is currently no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through aerosol. The currently known transmission routes of the virus are via respiratory droplets and physical contact.


Stay vigilant and safe everyone!

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