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The novel corona virus that was first detected in Wuhan, Hubei province, China is now officially named as COVID-19 by WHO. The deadly and highly contagious virus is known to cause severe pneumonia which might lead to death. There is still no cure/vaccine for this virus at the moment.

Because of the recently identified Bangladeshi worker contracted with COVID-19, foreign domestic workers (maids) are now considered as having higher risk of contagion. Government issued the following updates:

[Sent by – 11 Feb]

Precautions for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) and employers

For both the FDW and employer:
– Wash hands frequently and properly
– Cover one’s mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing/sneezing and dispose of it immediately
– Avoid sharing food, utensils and personal items
– If feeling unwell, wear a mask, see a doctor promptly

For the employer:
– Consider having everyone in the household take temperature twice daily
– Minimise contact between an unwell FDW and those under her care
– Monitor the health and temperature of children/elderly under your FDW’s care and watch for symptoms

Off-day arrangements
– If FDW goes out: Advise her to avoid crowded places and contact with those who display flu-like symptoms.
– If FDW stays at home: Employers should not assign work to them.
– If FDW forgoes the off-day: Employers must provide compensation.

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Government also provided another clarification on the nature of the virus:

[Sent by – 11 Feb]

Infectious disease expert Dr Leong Hoe Nam dispels common misconceptions about 2019-nCoV

Should I handle common objects like money?
If you handle money, make sure you wash your hands, be it with alcohol, or soap and water, before you touch your face.

Should I avoid places where confirmed/suspect cases have been?
No as those places would have been cleaned thoroughly and be one of the cleanest spots in Singapore. NEA’s guidelines for cleaning here

Is my online shopping package safe to handle?
When the packages travel, even through Wuhan, the long process and exposure to the sun would have destroyed the virus.

Should I be worried if I live near a quarantine site?
No. The virus can only spread by droplets. The virus does not go into the air. You cannot breathe it in.

Watch in full:
On the nCoV situation in Singapore:

Additional measures for preschools:

[Sent by – 11 Feb]

[DORSCON ORANGE] Measures for preschool children and staff

In all preschools:
– Limit visitors. If necessary to enter, temperature checks and travel declarations needed
– Limit staff deployment across centres
– Suspend large group activities and excursions
– 14-day Leave of Absence for staff/children returning from China, and for those with household members under quarantine
– More health and temperature checks
– Step up cleaning and encourage good personal hygiene

One of the confirmed nCoV cases is a grandfather who picked up his grandchild from a preschool in Kovan

Facts of the case:
– The preschool had earlier taken precautionary measures, eg. Visitors are restricted from entering the preschool
– Staff and children were not in close contact with the grandfather
– The child is well; household is under Quarantine
– School has been thoroughly disinfected and sanitised; LOA issued to
teachers and children in the same class.

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Updates on the number of positive cases and recoveries:

[Sent by – 11 Feb]

Update on 2019-nCoV cases

MOH has confirmed 2 new cases as of 12pm on 11 Feb.

Separately, 2 more confirmed cases have been discharged from hospital today, making it a total of 9 who have fully recovered.

Confirmed: 47
Tested negative: 608
Pending results: 43
Discharged: 9

Most of remaining 38 are stable or improving. 7 are in critical condition in ICU.

Both new cases have no recent travel history to China.

Case 46: Male Singapore PR, 35, went to work at RWS Casino prior to admission.

Case 47: Male Bangladesh National, 39, a Singapore Work Pass holder. He went to work at Seletar Aerospace Heights (same location as case 42), prior to admission.

Of the 25 locally transmitted case, 15 have links to 3 known clusters. Contact tracing is underway for the remaining 10.

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Stay vigilant and save everyone!

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