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Update on measures regarding workers’ dormitory:

2019-nCoV (DORSCON Orange) Enhanced precautionary measures for workers’ dormitories

MOM’s advisory
All dormitories are to step up cleaning and precautionary measures, such as:
– Suspending mass activities
– Staggering use of common facilities
– Arranging for residents on LOA to stay together in a separate section of the dormitory
– Ensuring food arrangements for those on LOA

Dormitory operators are required to provide daily updates to MOM, and keep a record of residents on LOA.

The 39 year old Bangladeshi confirmed with nCoV on 9 Feb was kept away from his workplace, and mostly stayed in his room when unwell.

His close contacts have been quarantined, and MOM has determined that other residents can go to work as usual. The risk of transmission through casual contact is low.

Cleaning of common areas of the dormitory he stayed at has been stepped up from once to twice daily.


Another clarification regarding the nature of COVID-19:

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Your 🤔questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19) answered – by infectious disease expert Dr Leong Hoe Nam

How does it spread?
Much like familiar cold viruses or influenza, COVID-19 spreads primarily by respiratory droplets, which come out through saliva or when we sneeze. It is not in the air.

Is it possible to contract COVID-19 from someone who is not showing symptoms?
Those with no symptoms are less likely to have nasal discharge or cough, and are hence less likely to transmit. In truth, we suspect the actual risk to be very low.

What treatments exist to help COVID-19 patients?
Most of the time, best supportive care (i.e. adequate hydration, food and oxygen when needed) will work for more than 90% of patients.

Watch in full:
On the COVID-19 situation in Singapore:

Update on the number of positive cases:

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COVID-19: 12 Feb Update

3 new cases (12pm on 12 Feb).

6 more discharged from hospital today; a total of 15 have fully recovered.

Confirmed: 50
Tested negative: 638
Pending results: 125
Discharged: 15

Most cases are stable or improving. 8 are in critical condition in ICU.

Contact tracing has found links among 5 possible clusters.

MOH is aware of letters, including from doctors, encouraging the public to protect themselves

Associate Professor Kenneth Mak, Director of Medical Services
– The virus is spread by droplets or contamination of surfaces.
– No evidence of aerosol transmission

Stay safe everyone!

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