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Information on the nature of COVID-19:

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COVID-19 spreads easily

– Infectious as influenza
– Infectious even if symptoms mild
– Stay home even with mild flu-like symptoms

– World Health Organisation (WHO) found 82% of infected have mild symptoms, 15% severe and 3% critical
– COVID-19 fatality rate far lower than SARS, closer to H1N1

COVID-19 is likely to spread around the world & here. We must be prepared for this


Update on number of confirmed cases:

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COVID-19: 16 Feb Update

As of 12pm:
New cases: 3
Discharged today: 1
Total confirmed cases: 75
Total discharged: 19

Most in hospital are stable or improving. 5 remain in ICU — one less than yesterday.

Of the 3 new cases, 2 are linked to a known cluster, 1 is linked to a previous case.

More info:

Economy, businesses, workers and households badly affected
– Package to help companies and workers to be announced in Budget on Tuesday
– Wage support, tax rebates, rental waivers and training support expected

I’m currently building the patient list using JSON Table Editor (I know i’m late, but it’s an itch that i need to scratch :D) HERE.The data is stored at GitHub. Feel free to clone and add more data to it. Pull request is greatly appreciated.

Stay safe everyone!

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