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Another explanation on the nature of COVID-19:

[Sent by – 29 Feb]

Is a discharged COVID-19 patient no longer infectious?

Yes. COVID-19 patients in Singapore are discharged only when fully recovered and no longer transmitting the virus.

Prior to discharge, 2 swab tests at least 24 hours apart are done, using sputum samples, nasal or throat swabs.

Doctors may also conduct tests with fecal or urine samples.

Tests on consecutive days have to be negative before patients can be discharged.

Patients are also given a date for follow up at the hospital.

Associate Professor Kenneth Mak, Director of Medical Services explains:

False rumour: Death of foreign domestic worker (FDW)

There has been a message circulating on social media that qa FDW died in Singapore due to the virus. This is false. MOH has confirmed she was tested for COVID-19 and found to be negative. There are currently no deaths due to the virus.

Refer to for updates.

Update on number of confirmed and discharged cases:

[Sent by – 29 Feb]

COVID-19: 29 Feb Update

As of 12pm:
New cases: 4
Total confirmed: 102
Discharged today: 3
Total discharged: 72
Total still in hospital: 30

All 4 cases are linked to a known cluster.

Most in hospital are stable or improving. 7 are in the intensive care unit.

Stay safe everyone!

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