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Recently I was LOA-ed (Leave of Absence-ed) due to my last week visit to Batam. Following MOH guidelines, my HR informed last Sunday that I am imposed with LOA until 29 March 2020. LOA means I need to stay home, and only allowed going out for urgent/necessary matters. I also must avoid public places. Since I still need to work from home and I can’t work from place with free WiFi (public Libraries/shopping malls), my mobile data consumption has been very high. Judging from my daily data usage, I don’t think I can make it through the end of the month, unless I come up with another plan.

I decided I really need to subscribe additional mobile plan to support my high data usage. I’ve been searching and comparing mobile subscription plans that is available in Singapore. Below is the result of my research:


Although I have been careful and tried my best for data accuracy, I might have made mistake. I do not guarantee that this data is accurate 100%. If you notice a mistake, do drop a comment below so I can make amendment to correct it.

Personally, I have taken plan from TPG. It’s free (for the first 6 months) with 2 GB daily cap. Speed will be throttled down after exceeding 2 GB. As long as I don’t watch YouTube during my lunch break 😀 , it should be sufficient for my daily WFH usage.

I hope it helps!

Update 01-Apr-2020

TPG removes the free-trial plan.

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