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Good habits to start especially during this crisis:

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COVID-19: Good habits and social norms to practise

– Keep premises clean and pest-free
– Return trays, keep tables clean
– Keep toilets clean and dry
– Wash hands regularly with soap
– Take temperature, see doctor if unwell, stay home
– Use tissue when sneezing or coughing
– Bin litter and soiled tissue
– Eat on tray to prevent spills onto tables so cleaners don’t have to pick food up and risk spreading diseases
– Don’t double dip in common bowls
– Refrain from shaking hands


Update on the number of confirmed cases:

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COVID-19: 7 Mar Update

As of 12pm:
New cases: 8
Total cases in Singapore: 138
Discharged today: 8
Total discharged: 90
Total remaining in Hospital: 48

Of the new cases, 4 are part of the SAFRA cluster, 1 is linked to a known cluster, 2 are likely to be imported cases, and 1 is unlinked.

Most in hospital are stable or improving. 8 are in the intensive care unit – 1 less than yesterday.

Additional measures in response to growing SAFRA cluster:
a) 14-day suspension of all activities and classes attended by the confirmed cases at the affected community clubs (CCs) and residents’ committees (RCs)
b) 14-day suspension of all PA-organised singing classes at affected CCs and RCs

Details of affected CCs & RCs:

Stay safe and be vigilant everyone!

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