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Government assurance to the public to calm down the panic buying due to Malaysia’s lockdown:

[Sent by – 17 Mar]

COVID-19: Singapore not facing immediate shortage of food or essentials

M’sia just announced restriction of all movement throughout the country from 18 to 31 March to prevent the spread of COVID-19

S’pore has been actively working with essential firms and supermarkets to increase our stock of food and essential supplies over the last 2 months

We have local production capabilities for noodles, infant milk powder, canned goods etc, and can ramp up quickly and easily

We have also diversified our sources of essential goods, including vegetables and eggs

Only buy what you need. Otherwise, no amount of stockpiling will be sufficient

SG economic agencies also stand ready to assist businesses if they need help

Updates on the Singapore’s stockpiles and housing of Malaysian workers:

[Sent by – 17 Mar]

We have adequate supply of food and essentials. Please do not panic buy or hoard.

S’pore’s strategy: stockpiling, domestic production, diversified supply sources
➡Rice and noodles – have more than 3 months worth of stockpile
➡Meat and vegetables – have a combi of fresh, frozen and canned options, more than 2 months worth of normal consumption
➡Eggs – have local production, activated options to substitute M’sian supplies


👍 Stay calm and look out for one another in the community.

🗣 Share reliable information from official sources. There are a number of false rumours circulating.

Accommodating affected M’sian workers
– Govt looking into support for S’pore-based companies that urgently need to accommodate workers
– Will prioritise needs of essential services like healthcare and cleaning

Updates on the number of confirmed and discharged cases:

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COVID-19: 17 Mar Update

As of 12pm:
New cases: 23
Total cases in Singapore: 266
Discharged today: 5
Total discharged: 114
Total remaining in Hospital: 152

Of the new cases, 17 are imported cases, 2 are linked to previous cases, and 4 are currently unlinked.

Most in hospital are stable or improving. 14 are in the intensive care unit.

Defer non-essential travel
– Majority of new cases are Singaporeans and residents infected while travelling abroad
– You may be exposed to the virus overseas and put your family and those around you at risk
– Upon return you can be placed in quarantine or on Stay Home Notice (SHN), which can affect your family, work or study responsibilities
– If you have to be put on SHN as a result of non-essential travel, you will use your own leave to serve it
– Pls help us reduce the number of imported cases


Stay safe everyone!

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