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Updates on social distancing at workplaces:

[Sent by – 30 Mar]

COVID-19: Safe Distancing Must Be Implemented At Workplaces

➡ Telecommute if work can be done away from office. Employers should facilitate telecommuting by reviewing work processes and IT equipment 💻 and giving priority to vulnerable employees

➡ If not possible, employers should:
– Reduce physical meetings, opt for tele-conferencing 👩‍💻👨‍💻
– Ensure at least 1m spacing between employees
– Stagger working hours and lunch times ⏰
– Defer or cancel all non-essential events 🚫
– Implement shift or split team arrangements

🙏 Please take safe distancing seriously to slow down the spread of the virus, and protect the vulnerable, esp our senior citizens

The health of all depends on each one of us


Another gesture on the importance of social distancing:

[Sent by – 30 Mar]

COVID-19: Take safe-distancing seriously

Avoid crowds and gatherings

🚶 Don’t rush to malls unless you need essentials
🕒 Expect queues, best to go during ‘off-peak’ hours
↔ Observe safe-distancing measures, keep at least 1m space from others
🧼🙌 Have good personal hygiene, wash your hands properly and regularly
❌ When dining, don’t sit on marked seats; if crowded, do takeaway

❗ Be socially responsible
If you’re sick, see a doctor and stay home. Don’t go to work/school until fully recovered.

Do the right thing. The health of all depends on each one of us

Updates on number confirmed and discharged cases:

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COVID-19: 30 Mar Update

New imported cases: 9 [Travelled from Europe, N.America, S.America, Middle East and ASEAN]

New local cases: 26 [12 linked to previous cases, 14 currently unlinked]

Total cases in Singapore: 879
Discharged today: 16
Total discharged: 228
Total remaining in Hospital: 420

Most in hospital stable or improving. 19 in ICU.

🏡 If you were in close contact with a confirmed case, self-quarantine immediately, even before you receive a Quarantine Order.
🙏 Do the right thing. The health of all depends on each one of us

Stay safe and stay vigilant everyone! There is 14 unlinked cases. Let’s pray these will not become new clusters.

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