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A friend posted an unconfirmed image of COVID-19 patients condition in Mali in one of my WhatsApp groups. Unconfirmed because the source is twitter.

To help my friend to see if the image is fake, or maybe is from another incidents unrelated to COVID-19, I did a Google reverse Image search. But the result was disappointing.

Somehow Google thinks this image is Capybara! *facepalm*

But when I clicked on the “All sizes” hyperlink, Google shown that it already has this image.

There are two oldest images (3 days ago, Apr 5th 2020):


I also notice there are search results which are not from twitter and has no “age” super imposed on the thumbnail. After checking and translating them, I can confirm that this image is a COVID-19 hoax. The image is actually came from incident in Guinea (uploaded in March 24th 2020)

You can check the original image in below links (WARNING: may contains gory images)


That’s it folks! As always, stay safe and stay healthy everyone!

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