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Death no 5:

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COVID-19: 3 Apr Update

Sadly, we have another death due to COVID-19.

A 86 year-old female Singapore citizen has passed away from complications due to COVID-19 infection. She had no recent travel history to affected countries and regions.

Our deepest condolences to the family. MOH and NCID is providing them with all necessary assistance.

Please be socially responsible
– Protect each other, especially the elderly
– Do not go near the elderly if you are unwell, or on quarantine or Stay-Home Notice
– The elderly should stay at home. If there is a need to, go out during off-peak periods and avoid crowded places.

The health of all depends on each one of us.

PM’s address to the nation:

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COVID-19: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will address Singaporeans today

Watch PM Lee’s address on TV and radio, or on his Facebook page ( at 4pm today.

The COVID-19 situation is under control, but we want to take a few more steps.

Let’s stay calm and united.


Circuit breaker:

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COVID-19 situation

Local cases in SG have risen

– Despite contact tracing, half of cases unlinked
– New clusters in foreign worker dorms, nursing home

We need to apply a circuit breaker now for 1 month
– Reduces risk of big outbreak
– Bring numbers down

Details will follow soon, in summary:

For workplaces – from 7 Apr
✔ Remain open:
– Essential svcs: Food outlets, markets, supermarkets, clinics, hospitals, utilities, transport, key banking services
– Economic sectors: strategic or part of global supply chain
❌ To close:
– Most workplaces
➡ Staff that can work from home must do so

For schools – from 8 Apr
– Schools & IHLs: Full Home-Based Learning
– Preschools, student care: Closed

For everyone
– Stay at home, as much as possible
– Avoid socialising beyond immediate family, esp. elderly & vulnerable
– Go out only for essentials: eg buy food back, exercise at parks at safe distance


Food availability:

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COVID-19: Be assured of continued availability of food

Measures in place from 7 Apr till 4 May (but may be extended if necessary)

🥡 Restaurants, hawker centres, coffeeshops, food court and other F&B outlets will remain open, but only for takeaway or delivery
– Outlets that do not offer takeaway/delivery can use 3rd party food delivery services
– Bring your own containers for takeaways, to help food outlets with packaging materials

🛵 Food delivery services will continue

🛒 Supermarkets, wet markets, convenience stores and other food suppliers will remain open

All other non-essential retail stores will close

Circuit Breaker for Schools:

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COVID-19: Full Home-Based Learning (HBL) for Schools and IHLs

8 Apr – 4 May
– Pri, Sec, Pre-U, IHLs, Special Education schools ➡ Full HBL
– Preschools, MOE Kindergartens, student care centres ➡ Suspended
– Private education institutions ➡ Move to HBL, or suspend classes

Full HBL:
– Schools will provide instructions and support
– Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) platform will continue to be accessible
– Mid-Year Exams cancelled
– National exams to proceed with precautionary measures

Preschools & student care centres
– Open only for parents who can’t find care arrangements, e.g. working in essential services
– Minimum attendance requirement for subsidies will be waived in Apr

Parents are strongly encouraged to keep children home
➡ Those working in essential services who can’t find care arrangements may approach schools for help

Circuit breaker for Workplaces:

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COVID-19: Suspension of non-essential workplaces (7 Apr-4 May)
To minimise transmission between coworkers

Essential services/key economic sectors to remain open
– Including supermarkets, pharmacies, F&B outlets, services for daily living (eg. petrol stations, hairdressers, opticians) transport and telecommunications
– Govt services: Counter services scaled down, digital services available
For list of essential services:

Most other non-essential physical workplaces to close
– Such businesses can continue to operate with telecommuting

For workplaces that are open
– Operate with minimal staff on premises
– Implement strict safe-distancing measures
– Employees to avoid social interactions
– Firms may be required to suspend operations if staff get infected

Additional support for workers & businesses to be announced on 6 Apr.

Update on number of confirmed and discharged cases:

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COVID-19: 3 Apr Update

New imported cases: 9 [Travelled from Europe, North America, Middle East and ASEAN]

New local cases: 56 [40 linked to previous cases or clusters, 16 currently unlinked]

Total cases in Singapore: 1114
Discharged today: 16
Total discharged: 282
Total remaining in Hospital: 473

Most in hospital stable or improving. 25 in ICU.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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