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Reminder about the vulnerable groups in this pandemic:

[Sent by – 5 Apr]

COVID-19: Keeping our seniors safe

Our seniors are the most vulnerable group
👵 Many have weaker immunity
👴 More likely to have other health conditions
😷 Have higher risk of severe illness and death from the virus

💜 To our Seniors
– Stay at home as much as possible
– Don’t go to the market
– Ask someone for help with your marketing and essentials
– If you have to go out, wear a mask

💙 For those with seniors in the family
– Help the seniors with their marketing and essentials
– If you are unwell, do not visit or go near to seniors

❤️ The health of all depends on each one of us.

Measures on Foreign Workers:

[Sent by – 5 Apr]

COVID-19: Protecting our Foreign Workers (FWs)

Rising cases in FW dorms
– Particularly in S11 Dormitory@Punggol, Westlite (Toh Guan) dormitory

Both dorms gazetted as isolation areas to avoid further spread to other dorms and community

Protecting FWs who are well
– FWs who are symptomatic have already been isolated
– All FWs in both dorms will not go to work
– Activities and interactions between FWs in both dorms minimised
– Efforts under way to reduce density of dorms

All affected FWs in both dorms will be taken care of
– Will continue to be paid salaries
– Daily meals provided; also essentials like masks, thermometers, hand sanitisers; digital connectivity
– Employers can claim $100 daily allowance
– Onsite medical support

Advisory to all Dorm Operators
– Maintain high hygiene standards
– Adhere to safe distancing measures
– Unwell FWs should not work, see a doctor immediately

Update on the number of confirmed and discharged cases:

[Sent by]

COVID-19: 5 Apr Update

New imported cases: 4

New local cases: 116 [50 linked to existing clusters, contact tracing ongoing for remaining 66]

Total cases in Singapore: 1,309
Discharged today: 23
Total discharged: 320
Total remaining in Hospital: 569

Most in hospital stable or improving. 25 in ICU.

Do your part for contact tracing
– Download TraceTogether App to help contact tracers determine if you have been exposed to virus
– Keep your taxi receipts for 1 month to help contact tracing team, if you or your driver is infected

The health of all depends on each one of us.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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