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Circuit breaker is a serious business:

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COVID-19: Take Circuit Breaker measures seriously

Circuit Breaker measures take effect from today till 4 May
➕ May be extended if situation is not brought under control

Stay at home

Only go out if:
👩‍⚕Going to work at essential services
🍜 Buying food (☝ remember to bring your own containers)
🥬 Buying groceries
🌳 Exercising at parks at safe distance

If your business is not among the list of essential services:
🔘 Work from Home 💯%
🔘 Stop work altogether

Be socially responsible
For Circuit Breaker to work, all must cooperate

Stay at home. Protect yourself and your family. Save lives


Update on the number of confirmed and discharged cases:

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COVID-19: 7 Apr update

New cases: 106
– Imported: 3
– Local cases (linked): 62 (39 cases linked to clusters at foreign worker dorms; 23 linked to non-dorm clusters)
– Pending contact tracing: 41

Total cases: 1,481
– Hospitalised: 627 (29 in ICU)
– In isolation, private hospitals*: 471
– Fatalities: 6
– Total discharged: 377 (Discharged today: 33)


*Patients doing well but still testing positive for the virus are moved to Community Isolation Facilities and private hospitals

Stay at home do the right thing
– Limit social contact to household members
– Don’t go out unless for essentials, go home as soon as you can
– Wear a mask if you have to go out
⛔ It is an offence to disobey safe distancing measures
– To our Seniors 👵👴: you are more vulnerable;
– For your safety, please stay home, avoid crowded places 🙏

Stay safe, and stay healthy everyone!

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