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Take Circuit Breaker seriously:

[Sent by – 10 Apr]

COVID-19: Stricter circuit breaker measures

🏃‍♂️ Exercise alone or with household members, observe safe distancing
– Sports stadiums are closed because ppl had gathered in groups
– Entry to parks will be strictly controlled if necessary

🙅‍♂️ Minimise physical interactions with elderly
– Don’t expose them to COVID-19; if infected, they are more likely to die than younger people

🏠 Stay home
– All, esp elderly, should avoid unnecessary commutes and crowded places
– Elderly should not go to markets; others should shop for them

Measures may be tightened further if people continue to gather
It is an offence to disobey safe distancing measures
1st offence: Stern warning
2nd offence: $300 fine
3rd offence: Charge in court

👨‍✈️2.6k enforcement officers + ambassadors deployed daily to ensure compliance
📝10k advisories + 158 stern warnings since 7 Apr. Too many not doing the right thing

Do the right thing. Stay at home. The health of all depends on each one of us.

Things are not getting better 🙁 :

[Sent by – 10 Apr]

COVID-19 situation

More cases in foreign worker (FW) dorms
We will do our best to take care of health, livelihood and welfare of FWs

More cases in community
– Most cases likely infected before circuit breaker
– Many unlinked cases – carriers probably still out there infecting more people

During this period
🏡 Stay at home
✋ Stop socialising with others in person
💻📱Keep in touch by other means
🙅‍♀Do not visit between households

Older Singaporeans
PLEASE Stay home 🙏 – you are more vulnerable, chances of dying from infection much higher
– COVID-19 is highly infectious – should you get infected, you might infect your grandchildren
– If you must go out, wear a mask, keep safe distance from others. Do not linger outside

The more strictly we observe the circuit breaker restrictions, the faster they will work, and the sooner we can ease up on them


Update on the number of confirmed and discharged cases:

[Sent by]

COVID-19: 10 Apr update

New cases: 198
– Imported: 0
– Local cases (linked): 127 (79 cases linked to clusters at foreign worker dorms; 48 linked to non-dorm clusters/cases)
– Pending contact tracing: 71

Total cases: 2,108
– Hospitalised: 875 (32 in ICU)
– In isolation, private hospitals*: 734
– Fatalities: 7
– Total discharged: 492 (Discharged today: 32)

Another death due to COVID-19
An 86-year old female Singapore Citizen has passed away from complications due to COVID-19 on 9 Apr 2020 night. She was admitted to NCID on 1 Apr, and was confirmed to have the infection on the same day. NCID has reached out to her family and is extending assistance to them.


*Patients doing well but still testing positive for the virus are moved to Community Isolation Facilities and private hospitals

Stay safe and stay healthy everyone!

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