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No more 1st warning for CB breaker:

[Sent by – 14 Apr]

COVID-19: Circuit breaker measures

All, esp elderly, should stay home; go out only for essentials
– Wear a mask when out
– Observe safe distancing measures: at least 1m away from others

🙅‍♂️ Penalties for breaching measures
First-time offenders: $300 fine
Repeat offenders: Higher fines or prosecution

😷 Personnel at food establishments must wear masks/face shields
– Non-compliance: Up to $5,000 fine, or suspension/cancellation of licenses, or both

📝 24 work pass holders found breaching circuit breaker measures
🚫 Their work passes will be revoked. All 24 workers will be permanently barred from working in SG.

CB Update:

[Sent by – 14 Apr]

COVID-19: Update on Circuit Breaker measures

🛋 More people are staying home
– Over 70% drop in public transport ridership and traffic volume
– Close to 80% of workers telecommuting or suspended work
– 30-40% of people out on weekdays; 20-30% on weekends

🙅‍♂ But some are still flouting safe distancing measures
– More than 6.2k warned
– Over 500 fined
– 1st offence: Fine up to $300
– 2nd offence: Fine up to $1000; could face prosecution
– Strict enforcement will continue

😷 All must wear a mask outside home

There are still cases arising from within the community, including from workplaces
Make this Circuit Breaker count; stay home


Update on the number of confirmed and discharged cases:

[Sent by]

COVID-19: 14 Apr update

New cases: 334
– Imported: 0
– Linked to known clusters: 198 (majority Work Permit Holders in dorms)
– Linked to other cases: 22 (10 S’pore Citizens/PRs; 12 Work Permit holders)
– Pending contact tracing: 114 (24 S’pore Citizens/PRs; 90 S Pass/Work Permit/Employment Pass/Dependant’s pass holders)

Total cases: 3,252
– Hospitalised: 1,315 (28 in ICU)
– In community facilities: 1,316
– Fatalities: 10
– Total discharged: 611 (Discharged today: 25)

Another death due to COVID-19
A 70 year-old male Singapore Citizen has passed away from complications due to COVID-19 infection on 14 Apr 2020. He was confirmed to have COVID-19 infection on 6 Mar. NCID has reached out to his family and is extending assistance


Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy everyone!

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