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A reminder on wearing mask outside your residence:

[Sent by – 15 Apr]

COVID-19: Mask up when out

Stay at home, unless for essential trips

😷 All must wear a mask when outside their homes:
– On public transport, taxis, private hire cars
– Walking to or from, or at markets
– If you are an essential worker, at your workplace

No need to wear a mask if you are engaged in strenuous exercise (eg. jogging, brisk walking)
☝ Must put on mask after exercise

👶 Mask-wearing is not recommended for young children below the age of two for safety reasons
– Enforcement will be flexible for groups with difficulties wearing a mask, eg. children with special needs

🚫 It is an offence to disobey this advisory:
– First-time offenders: Fine $300
– Repeat offenders: Higher fines or prosecution


Update on the number of confirmed and discharged cases:

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COVID-19: 15 Apr update

New cases: 447
– Imported: 0
– Local cases in community: 38
– Work Permit holders (residing outside dormitories): 5
– Work Permit holders (residing in dormitories): 404

Of new cases, 68% are linked to known clusters, the rest are pending contact tracing

Total cases: 3,699
– Hospitalised: 1,496 (26 in ICU)
– In community facilities: 1,540
– Fatalities: 10
– Total discharged: 652 (Discharged today: 41)


Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy everyone!

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