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Reduction on the number of running public transports:

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COVID-19: Changes to public bus and train operations
🚌 From 15 Apr, frequencies of bus services will be adjusted; selected bus services suspended

🚈 From 17 Apr, operating hours & frequencies of train services will be reduced

🚨 Beware of false messages
❌ There are false claims that Police are conducting road blocks, and checking on residential units to enforce safe distancing measures

✅ Police conduct roadblocks for law enforcement purposes
✅ Incident in a residential unit arose from a family dispute

👮‍♂ Police will nevertheless take action against anyone flouting safe distancing measures

‼ Beware of phone scams
Be wary of scammers impersonating MOH staff or automated voice calls that ask for financial details, or claim that officials have seized contraband parcels under your name

☝ When in doubt, verify authenticity of phone calls by calling MOH hotline at 1800-333-9999

Recent scam info:

Things are getting worse 🙁 :

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COVID-19: 16 Apr update

New cases: 728
– Imported: 0
– Cases in community: 48
– Work Permit holders (residing outside dormitories): 26
– Work Permit holders (residing in dormitories): 654

Of new cases, 81% are linked to known clusters, the rest are pending contact tracing

Total cases: 4427
– Hospitalised: 1886 (23 in ICU)
– In community facilities: 1848
– Fatalities: 10
– Total discharged: 683 (Discharged today: 31)


Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy everyone!

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