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Last weekend I decided to revisit Unity Framework. This is my second attempt to understand game programming. Few years back, I did installed the framework, and played around with the sample games. But it was a failure. I was overwhelmed by the editor and concepts. I tried to follow the tutorials, but didn’t stick. So I threw my towel.

To avoid repeating my previous failure, I decided to take a different strategy. Fortunately, my workplace provided us with access to O’Reilly library. With high hope, I picked up this book:

I should be able to finish this book by the weekend, or so I thought. By the second chapter, I was already bored from the lack of action. I feel that I need something more direct, hands-on approach in order to keep me going. I don’t want surrender for the second time. Luckily, I found this course on Linkedin Learning:

The course is slated for 2 hours 22 minutes. But it took me the whole day to complete it. You know what, it was really worth it. It really helped me to open my eyes, demystify the concepts and slowly introduce me to Unity Editor. I was never overwhelmed and thoroughly enjoyed the lessons.

I know the course is quite dated. The course is using Unity 5 (was released in 2015), while what I have in my laptop is Unity 2020. But kudos to Unity, there is not much visible differences between the two versions. Despite a 5-year gap, the controls in Unity Editor haven’t changed drastically.

Once completed the course, they gave me this certificate:

If the terms animation, collision detection, prefabs are foreign to you, and you want to learn Unity Framework, I highly recommend the course above. For now, enjoy the fruit of my weekend of animating sprites using C# scripts:

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