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My name is Hardono Arifanto. I work as a software developer, hence the blog title :-). I studied at Taruna Nusantara High School, Indonesia and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

I happen to join a few Social Networking Sites. If you happened to be member of any them, feel free to add me πŸ™‚

You can send me emails, questions, critics or suggestions at Hardono's Email

This blog hopefully will be able to chronicle my journey. Along the way I will share with you all my findings and experiences.

Anyway, have fun reading. Critics, comments, suggestions and ideas are all welcome.

Hardono Arifanto

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  1. Hi! I am impressed by your blog.
    I am considering to visit it regularly, as a model.
    Gosh, it is so clear, with all these great goodies that I wish I could create on my own blogs ! OK, now a word about my blogging: I started a blog for a community of friends – classmates – and the objective was to reunite all 40 people or so this June, in Warsaw. We found almost everyone and the blog is our meeting point, specifically for those who live abroad. I am in Paris, some are in NY, Vienna… The challenge was to find everyone and also convince them to join and we did it !
    Now a question to you : how do you create the translation thingy ? All those little flags leading to automatic translation (that is not perfect but far from horrible, congrats!!!). If you answer this question, I am warning you that I may ask another dozen of questions, so perhaps you should pretend that this is simply a love letter? In any case, I wish you all the best,

  2. hi Dorota,

    I will share you the flag thingy =) Stay tuned (^_^)/

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  4. I wants change my WIFI password, how to change,
    My device details: Huawei WIFI- SSID: E5830-feed, Wifi Key: 32208302
    Pls advice me your best idea as soon as possible.

    • What’s your Wireless router password?

  5. apa kabar bro?
    ternyata dunia memang sempit, gak hanya real tapi juga di dunia maya..
    terakhir ketemu pas lulus sma..
    eh… today gak sengaja buka blog lo gara2 gw nyari jadwal kapal dari pinang ke singapore..
    ternyata link di blog ini salah satu yg suggested by google.. mantabh..

    • Alhamdulillah baek bro… ini masih di Indonesia soale istri abis lahiran πŸ™‚

      You’re welcome πŸ™‚

  6. thanks a lot.

  7. makasih untuk data balon sertifikasi nya.. mas, kalo bisa yang updatenya (daftar tunggu peserta calon sertikifasi ),,salam

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  9. Can you parse this into tables? How?

    {“nodes”:{“grm155r61a105ke15d”:{“requests”:[{“id”:”8985DEED-F7FA-4985-A709-2795BCB6A134″, “name”:”GRM155R61A105KE15D”, “request”:{“protocol”:”HTTP”, “method”:{“name”:”GET”, “request-body”:false}, “url”:””, “body-type”:”Text”, “headers-type”:”Form”, “url-assist”:false}, “modified”:”Wed, 27 Feb 2013 13:57:59 -0500″},{“id”:”505AFB4F-9311-4261-B33B-8806B3325B6E”, “name”:”GRM155R61A105KE15D oemstrade”, “request”:{“protocol”:”HTTP”, “method”:{“name”:”GET”, “request-body”:false}, “url”:””, “body-type”:”Text”, “headers-type”:”Form”, “url-assist”:false}, “modified”:”Wed, 27 Feb 2013 14:52:04 -0500″},{“id”:”D916947E-DA7C-4D73-8F67-91BF826E8A92″, “name”:”GRM155R61A105KE15D EEM.COM”, “request”:{“protocol”:”HTTP”, “method”:{“name”:”GET”, “request-body”:false}, “url”:””, “body-type”:”Text”, “headers-type”:”Form”, “url-assist”:false}, “modified”:”Wed, 27 Feb 2013 14:58:35 -0500″}]}}, “version”:1, “modified”:”Wed, 27 Feb 2013 14:58:35 -0500″}

    • Hi John,

      Hang on a sec, let me fix this. Thanks for the bug report. ^_^/

      • Alright, done! Please press Ctrl+F5 a few times to clear your cache.

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  11. Hi,

    I am trying to use for the first time your JSON Editor in order to change what we have… but I could find the way to SAVE the changes…? Please let me know how to do it.


    • Hi Yefim,

      You can press “Output JSON” then copy paste the JSON text into any text editor.

      What format do you want to save the JSON output?