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[ 15-Mar-2022 15:15:44 ] randa in How to Use Jasper Report with ASP.NET
Hello Hardono,

Hope this comment finds you well
please can you send me the folder at this mail

best wishes


[ 19-Nov-2021 09:32:20 ] Hardono in Unusual email spams from
I did contacted Google. I’ve given them my number when they asked, but haven’t heard anything from them. And yeah, I’m still receiving the “ads support” emails, but not as frequent as when I wrote this post.


[ 18-Nov-2021 20:49:55 ] Dave in Unusual email spams from
do you find out something?
I keep getting this as well…. no info on the internet about this
Im scared that they may lock my acount due to this report spam (if some app is doing this with use of my account). If it’s not a bug, then it must be caused by some phone app i think? This reports i receive also when im not using PC so it must be phone app.. We can compare list of our apps if you want. Maybe you have other ideas?


didn’t help for bluetooth headphone connection (using dfx audio enhancer). both left and right are ‘locked’ together and can’t be separated. thanks anyway…


[ 30-May-2021 20:30:41 ] Harold Burton in How To Setup VPN In Your Office and Access It From Home.
I am going to China and just signed up VyprVPN because of your review. I use iPhone and looks like the dont support Chamaleon protocol in it.
Their support said to me to use L2TP protocol. I dont understand about this protocols, but I will work in China?
Thanks for the great post and video.


Did all that but the laptop resets to what the hell ever it wants to after a few days…..drives me crazy to have to keep adjusting my headphone balance for my ears.


This was extremely helpful and now I can adjust my earphones to match my slight hearing loss in one ear. BUT>>>> After setting the balance and listening to a few songs, later in the day the darn computer resets to equal balance again! I only put the computer to sleep, I don’t turn it off yet it will not keep my settings! Why is this and what can I do to tell the computer to NOT do what it wants? Thanks. – Dave


[ 23-Feb-2021 16:41:17 ] Jake in Google Auto Ads Annoyance
Yes, that’s annoying.


[ 21-Feb-2021 06:46:36 ] LucianoTheWindowsFan in How To Adjust Audio Balance (Left – Right) In Windows 10
Thanks, mate. My right channel is so quiet, that I need to use this.


which step failed?


dont work for me


[ 29-Jan-2021 12:55:14 ] Anonymous 2 in How To Adjust Audio Balance (Left – Right) In Windows 10
yeah ok so i scrape searched for the answer and you gotta use the registry to turn off absolute volume on them which makes the two channels work independently.


[ 29-Jan-2021 12:42:38 ] Anonymous 2 in How To Adjust Audio Balance (Left – Right) In Windows 10
I have quite literally the same problem, whenever i move the left side only the right follows it with a very slight delay, I tried messing with the drivers uninstalling them and doing all kinds of things but all it does is change the master volume in the end. if it helps im using zihnic over the ear (orange ear muff inner plastic model) headphones.


It seems like this works for most people but when I do it it just adjusts them both and I can’t do one at a time


This totally fixed my problem!! Thank you SO much!



This helped me I have had this problem for 6 months I just assumed that it was a hardware problem and I finally decided to try to see if it was just my settings and so I searched up “How to fix volume distribution windows 10”

Long story short thank you