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[ 23-Feb-2021 16:41:17 ] Jake in Google Auto Ads Annoyance
Yes, that’s annoying.


[ 21-Feb-2021 06:46:36 ] LucianoTheWindowsFan in How To Adjust Audio Balance (Left – Right) In Windows 10
Thanks, mate. My right channel is so quiet, that I need to use this.


which step failed?


dont work for me


[ 29-Jan-2021 12:55:14 ] Anonymous 2 in How To Adjust Audio Balance (Left – Right) In Windows 10
yeah ok so i scrape searched for the answer and you gotta use the registry to turn off absolute volume on them which makes the two channels work independently.


[ 29-Jan-2021 12:42:38 ] Anonymous 2 in How To Adjust Audio Balance (Left – Right) In Windows 10
I have quite literally the same problem, whenever i move the left side only the right follows it with a very slight delay, I tried messing with the drivers uninstalling them and doing all kinds of things but all it does is change the master volume in the end. if it helps im using zihnic over the ear (orange ear muff inner plastic model) headphones.


It seems like this works for most people but when I do it it just adjusts them both and I can’t do one at a time


This totally fixed my problem!! Thank you SO much!



This helped me I have had this problem for 6 months I just assumed that it was a hardware problem and I finally decided to try to see if it was just my settings and so I searched up “How to fix volume distribution windows 10”

Long story short thank you


Thanks for these clear instructions. However, it didn’t work! The right channel is missing in playback on my machine, and adjusting the balance doesn’t help. I’ve found no reason for the channel to be absent.

However, I did, years ago, purposefully load all the sound into one channel because I only had one earbud at the time. Maybe this change is persisting somehow beyond all the settings I can see?


You’re absolutely correct. I was scouring the comments specifically looking for this, before I commented.


Thanks mate. Helped me very much.


[ 19-Aug-2020 14:56:32 ] Tim in [SOLVED] Unable to Reorder pages in Visio 2016
Thanks mate, well done, that was driving me nuts


Hi John,

I’ve updated the steps. Hopefully it helps. Cheers!


Thanks Melanie. I’ve updated the steps as your suggestion


Thanks Hardono for the detailed pictures. I think windows options have changed a little since you posted this. I hit a dead end when there was no “balance” button, but then found it though Melanie’s shortcuts. Not sure why MS likes to hide useful features like this. Thanks Hardono and Melanie! Exactly what I needed.