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Deus ex machina describes an unexpected, artificial, or improbable character, device, or event introduced suddenly in a work of fiction or drama to resolve a situation or untangle a plot (e.g. having the protagonist wake up and realize it was all a dream, or an angel suddenly appearing to solve problems).

So how did Deus ex Machina ruined Spider-Man 3? Well, the most obvious one is Bernard, the servant in Osborn’s penthouse. Why he finally informed Harry Osborn the story that make him forgive Peter Parker and helped Spidey to fight Venom and Sandman now? Why not in Spider-Man 2? Did you spot other deus ex machina in the movie?

The overall movie is quite a disappointment for me. The CGI offers nothing new, the plot is weaker than the first and the second instalment of the Trilogy. I am really sure Tobey Maguire will not win Oscar for his crying act (^_^)v. Pff.. enough with the disappointment, I’ll hyped up myself for Pirates of Caribbean 3. Hopefully dear old Jack will make a blast ending to the trilogy.

Heck, at least I’m not the only one thinking that Spider-Man 3 sucks.

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  1. Wow, am I lucky to read this, for a moment there, I figured I was the only one out there who thought “Spiderman 3” was not up to par, compared to it’s earlier two releases.

    And yes, let’s go watch “Pirates Of The Carribean 3”.

  2. My friend Artha actually wrote a better view about the movie. Check it out at

  3. Well, I don’t really have a problem with the “deus ex machina” parts in the movie, because they are still better compared to those in many superhero comic books 🙂 For examples, check Spider-Man’s Clone Saga, X-Men’s Phoenix Saga, and stories involving “death” (and inevitable eventual return) of… pretty much everyone 😀

    The musical and emo scenes are definitely “love-it-or-hate-it” thing though.

  4. the sandman was quite unlogical. He was trapped at the research yard and accidentally (or lucky?) become the sandman after that. But he can go to wherever place he want. No story about the research yard, really sucks persona.

  5. Actually, the character of Bernard hardly pops out of nowhere. In Spider-Man 2, he tells Harry “your father only obsessed about his work”. He’s clearly trying to help Osborn well in advance.

    NOW, that being said, the character I really took issue with was Gwen Stacy. It seems she was only in the movie for two reasons: to set off Eddie Brock, and for Peter to make Mary Jane jealous.

    This being noted, it seems to me that they would have satisfied more fans by using Brock’s wife from the comic books — Anne Whelan. I know everyone was expecting Gwen to pop up at some point in the movies, but they would have been better off saving her for a later film. Possibly as a replacement love interest if Kirsten Dunst does indeed make good on her alleged intention to quit the franchise.

  6. @ bro mca: hehe.. I believe to make a good sci-fi/magic movie we must be consistent whether we it’s a sci-fi or magic. Without trying to cross over between them. I consider the sand-man magic (^_^)/ If your atomic composition totally changed from blood bones and flesh into sand, you’ll be dead, period. That’s why we have cremation (^_^)

    Reminds me of other movie, Fantastic Four. I forgot the exact line, but I remember Mr. Fantastic saying ‘Chemistry 101…’. Well Mr. Fantastic, in ‘Biology 101’ you’ll be dead when your body turns into rocks/flames/invisible/stretchable… (T_T)

    @Patrick Ross:Interesting insight. I hope Peter Parker tied the knot to Ursula. She seems capable of being a good housewife. Thus, Peter can concentrate on busting bad guys. No more drama at home (^_^)/

  7. the whole trilogy was so so for me.

  8. Pirates 3 over Spiderman 3 for certain. Spidey was a little disjointed for my tastes. So too is Pirates – but the adventure makes up for the story weaknesses.