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Last weekend I went to Tanjung Pinang in Bintan Island to visit my cousin. She’s been staying there since 2003 but this will be my first time to visit her (sigh.. what a great cousin I am :-(). She’s staying there with her husband which is working in the Airbase in that town.

The ferry from Singapore to Tanjung Pinang departs Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (take MRT to Bedok, and then take SBS Bus No. 35. The bus’s final stop is the ferry terminal). But since I was in hurry, I took a cab. To my dismay, I must waited for 1.5 hours before the ferry arrives. Unlike Singapore to Batam, the ferry frequency for Singapore to Tanjung Pinang is much less. I hope this schedule can help you to plan your travel better (unlike mine :-))

UPDATE 2013-02-16: You might want to check my latest and complete ferry schedule from Singapore to Batam/Bintan/Karimun

Monday To Friday

Depart From Singapore
(Singapore Time +8 GMT)
Depart From Tanjung Pinang
(Indonesia Time +7 GMT)
9.10 AM – Falcon Ferry7.00 AM – Sindo Ferry
9.30 AM – Wavemaster Ferry10.10 AM – Falcon Ferry
12.30 AM – Sindo Ferry11.30 AM – Wavemaster Ferry
3.00 PM – Wavemaster Ferry2.00 PM – Sindo Ferry
3.30 PM – Falcon Ferry4.00 PM – Falcon Ferry
6.20 PM – Sindo Ferry4.30 PM – Wavemaster Ferry

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday

Depart From Singapore
(Singapore Time +8 GMT)
Depart From Tanjung Pinang
(Indonesia Time +7 GMT)
8.50 AM – Falcon Ferry7.00 AM – Sindo Ferry
9.15 AM – Wavemaster Ferry10.00 AM – Falcon Ferry
10.20 AM – Sindo Ferry10.25 AM – Wavemaster Ferry
1.10 PM – Falcon Ferry12.00 PM – Sindo Ferry
1.30 PM – Wavemaster Ferry2.00 PM – Falcon Ferry
3.30 PM – Sindo Ferry2.25 PM – Wavemaster Ferry
5.10 PM – Falcon Ferry4.30 PM – Sindo Ferry
5.30 PM – Wavemaster Ferry6.00 PM – Falcon Ferry
6.20 PM – Sindo Ferry6.30 PM – Wavemaster Ferry


  • Berlian/Wave Master Tel: +65-65468830
  • Indo Falcon Tel: +65-62706778 | +65-62757393
  • Sindo Ferry Tel: +65-65427105

Disclaimer: This schedule is valid for the time of this posting posted.

So I met her with her family. They have a very cute daughter (which makes her the cutest niece I have). She is 1.5 years old and tantrum-ridden toddler πŸ˜› Need sometime before I could get along with her. But I think she had recognize me as her uncle πŸ˜› She did cry when I waved goodbye and left for Singapore (which I don’t know whether she cried because her father or me, since my brother-in-law accompanied me going to the harbor)

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  1. Happy New Year 2008 !


  2. ooo dah sampai tah ke kampung ku. ini tak tambahin, ferry WaveMaster

    Monday to Friday
    Sin – Tg.Pinang (Sin Time)

    Tg.Pinang – Sin (Indo Time)

    Sat, Sun, and Public Holiday (ga tau public holidaynya sapa ^^ )
    Sin – Tg.Pinang (Sin Time)

    Tg.Pinang – Sin (Indo Time)

  3. Thanks, Sayed.

    Reuni kok gak datang? πŸ˜€

  4. May I know how can I make bookings?

  5. @Stefhani: I never made a reservation, so I can’t advise you on that πŸ™‚ But very likely you could call them and make reservation.

    You can make booking at:

  6. Stefhani, u can call to +65 65427105 (Penguin Counter on TMFT) they will help u book.


  7. I need some help for my trip to see my BF at Tanjung- Pinang.. I will fly from Bangkok to Singapore and get ferry to Tanjung.. I just want to know that when I left Singapore from the ferry terminal, will they put departure stamp on my passport? and Can I just get in and out from Tanjung to Sing anytime as I plan to stay with my bf for 2 months? and I’m thai citizen, so I don’t need visa for 1 month right? Anyone who local or know about this?? Thank you..

    • Yes, they will stamp your passport. Visits by a citizen of a country member of ASEAN to other ASEAN member country (e.g. Thailand to Indonesia) is exempted from Visa. You could read the full agreement here (

      In short, as a Thai citizen with valid passport, you don’t need a Visa to visit Indonesia.

  8. Thank you so much,, I have to be there for 2 months, and I just want to make sure that I can get in and out between Indo and Sing..

  9. what is the ferry charge from TMFT to Tanjung Pinang on weekend. i am planning to go on 19/9….

    • Hi Sam,

      I don’t know what’s the latest charge, but now days Singapore – Batam ferry charge is roughly $50 for return ticket. So you could expect the Singapore – Tanjung Pinang will be slightly more expensive. But i think it would not exceed $75

  10. i am going back to tg.pinang n I was check in all my bag include myhand bag(i knw i should carry),but i was forget bcoz in hurry ni put purse in bag,and mobile also,when i in ferry i check mybag ASAP,but i cant imaging that time i have lose my purse,i cant comeback to complaint to them bcoz last minute,just i cant beleive in sensitive place can have like that people,embarasing for singapore secure!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Where and how to purchase ferrry ticket from Tanah Merah FT to Tanjung Pinang ?

    What is rate ?

  12. what is the different between ferry and cruise ?, i took speed boat from tanjung pinang to singapore 2 years ago, how long itΒ΄s take time by ferry from singapore to tanjung pianang, thx.

    • Was the speed boat a private or a public transport? If it was a public transport, then we are actually referring to the same thing here πŸ™‚

      It takes 1.5 – 2 hours from Singapore to Tanjung Pinang.

  13. Yea.. Speedboat available long long time ago..

    Now speedboat only travel from batam to tg. Pinang. It’s more for the locals to take as it’s cheaper and no air con or any comfort.

  14. I’m planning to have reunion dinner with family in Tanjung Pinang this coming year 2013 CNY. Can someone advice if there are any ferry service on New Years Eve and back in Singapore on 1st day of CNY ?

    • Hi Mel,

      As far as I know, the ferry services never stops except due to bad weather. But to be sure, you can call them to verify.

  15. Hi, good day! I just want to ask… i just stayed here in Singapore (Tampines) for almost 2 months now.. i’m planning to go to Tanjung Pinang with my friends. May i know how to get there and how much would be the budget all including going back here in Singapore. Is there also a cheper hotel there in Tanjung Pinang?.. anybody can give advice please. thanks so much. really appreciate it. πŸ˜‰

    • Two-way ferry fare is around $50. I doubt there is much thing to do at Tanjung Pinang apart from enjoying local food.

      You might have better experience if you take those resort packages found at Groupon/Deals.SG. Sadly, the those resorts charge in SGD. So it’s much more expensive than having “adventure” in Tanjung Pinang πŸ˜€

  16. thank you so much… πŸ˜‰