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I am officially leaving Windows realm, and forced myself into the unfamiliar territory of Ubuntu Linux. Here are the list of things that I must get them running immediately, or my life will suffer :P.

  1. E-Donkey Client. You can use aMule for connecting to ED2K network
  2. BitTorrent Client. Azureus have a version that runs in Ubuntu. But emulating uTorrent through Wine also not bad.
  3. PeerGuardian for Linux. We have MoBlock, but it doesn’t offer a GUI interface. I believe a GUI development is in progress.
  4. Integrated Development Environment (IDE). So far I’m sticking myself to Eclipse for Java. WxGlade for my Python Form Designer. And Eric for Python.
  5. and many more … (frankly there are thousands of pages out there offering help on running Ubuntu)
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About Hardono

Hi, I'm Hardono. I am working as a Software Developer. I am working mostly in Windows, dealing with .NET, conversing in C#. But I know a bit of Linux, mainly because I need to keep this blog operational. I've been working in Logistics/Transport industry for more than 11 years.

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  1. Welcome to Linuxland. After years using Linux as primary OS, i found myself didn’t kept up with the latest ‘trends’. People around me asked about good antivirus or latest update of their antivirus program, and i just shaked my head and felt sorry for them.
    Viruses are still major issue among computer users in indonesia (imagine a new local virus came up almost every semester), but they choose not to move to more viruses resistant platform. D’oh

  2. Hehe… many people kept on clinging to Windows because they have more things (read, Games) to play. But for me, the game that I am playing is Winning Eleven (luckily we have PS2 at home) and Football Manager (playable using Wine).

    How about you Dimas? How do you ‘scratch’ your itch for playing games?